We’ve all been there, sitting on a plane and the person next to us is coughing and sneezing. Whether it’s a train, plane, or cruise ship, it’s imperative that all surfaces are cleaned and disinfected as quickly and effectively as possible. When schedules are set and time is of the essence, it’s not feasible to use products that take ten minutes to work. R-Water’s disinfectant kills tough pathogens, including MRSA, COVID-19, and TB in just one minute, and our all-purpose cleaner will power through tough stains, dirt, grease, and grime. Put your cleaning and disinfecting on express with R-Water.

Actual Customer Footage


“It’s amazing what a little change, like these solutions, can do for morale. We are going to reduce spend on cleaning and disinfecting products by 54%, and this technology is directly in line with our city’s sustainability goals.” 
 - Public Service Manager - 

"My boss says I’m a rock star for coming up with innovative ways to get things done. R-Water technology works better and faster than anything we’ve ever used before."
"TK60 kills germs 10 times faster and isn’t hazardous. We need to keep our clients and our employees safe and we believe the R-Water system is the best way to accomplish that goal."
"Our staff no longer complain that their eyes, noses, and throats burn when they clean."
"When we started using R-Water, my allergies went away."