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Needville Press

PRESS RELEASE | Today, R-Water announces the installation of its EPA-regulated device for the Needville Independent School District (ISD). R-Water technology allows for the on-site production of TK60, a hypoallergenic healthcare-grade disinfectant proven to safely and quickly kill COVID-19. “Disinfection is more than just cleaning,” said Curtis Rhodes, Superintendent of Needville ISD. “In addition to the work of our custodial staff, I wanted to empower our teachers and students with a safe disinfectant to instill a sense of confidence and security.”... CONTINUE TO FULL PRESS RELEASE

New York Real Estate Journal

New York Real Estate Journal | Building operators have an opportunity to shine during the reopening process. Welcoming back tenants across cities and countries can be daunting due to strict requirements put in place to protect public health and safety. One key challenge is how to handle disinfection. The CDC recommends using products with the shortest contact time. Operational success comes down to proactive measures taken by decision makers, including their ability to avoid product shortages... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Biedermann Press release

PRESS RELEASE | Texas State Representative Kyle Biedermann is not letting his constituents and community suffer supply shortages amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Serving District 73 (which encompasses Comal, Gillespie and Kendall counties), the Representative also owns Beidermann’s ACE Hardware in Fredericksburg, Texas. There, he installed a device from local manufacturer R-Water to produce hundreds of gallons of multi-purpose cleaner FC+ and TK60, a hypoallergenic healthcare-grade disinfectant proven effective in eliminating COVID-19... CONTINUE TO FULL PRESS RELEASE

e4d Press release

PRESS RELEASE | Texas-based R-Water has partnered with E4D Technologies, a medical device manufacturer located in the Dallas area, to ramp up production of their advanced cleaning and disinfecting technology. This timely partnership comes as Texas officials report record-breaking spikes in COVID-19 hospitalizations, up 37%on June 22, 2020, as compared to the previous week...CONTINUE TO FULL PRESS RELEASE

medium Press release

MEDIUM: AUTHORITY MAGAZINE | I had the pleasure to interview Rayne Guest. She is the founder and CEO of R-Water, whose patented computerized device is helping in the fight against COVID-19. The device is installed in facilities, such as hospitals, hotels, schools, restaurants, and nursing homes. It uses only pure salt, softened water, and electricity to produce TK60, a healthcare-grade disinfectant and non-toxic multi-purpose cleaner FC+. While living in Los Angeles, Rayne launched her career in the green industry developing customized recycling programs for hotels and other commercial properties. It was in this line of work that she saw the substantial and lasting negative consequences of commercial cleaning and disinfecting products...CONTINUE TO FULL INTERVIEW

City Biz Press release

PRESS RELEASE | Shortages of disinfectants crucial to the safety of front-line workers and our beloved elderly population are going to be a problem for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, facilities such as Friendship Village Columbus, a senior assisted and independent living community in Columbus, Ohio are taking pro-active steps to ensure they can focus on quality care, versus searching for supplies. Two months ago, Friendship Village installed R-Water’s EPA regulated device that enables them to produce 300 gallons of their own disinfectant, TK60 at their facility daily...CONTINUE TO PRESS RELEASE

City Biz Press release

PRESS RELEASE | Today, R-Water announces the installation of its EPA-regulated anti-microbial pesticide device at Appletree Court Assisted Living, located in Richardson, Texas. Since the onset of the pandemic, more than2,300 long-term care facilities within 37 states have reported positive cases of COVID-19 and 12,000 deaths.This timely installation will allow for the on-site production of TK60,a hypoallergenic healthcare grade disinfectant proven effective in killing coronavirus (COVID-19),MRSA, and C. Diff. spores in just one minute...CONTINUE TO FULL PRESS RELEASE

BROADCAST - KENS5 SAN ANTONIO | R-water offers a cleaning system to businesses wanting a germ- free space without negatively impacting the environment or human health... CONTINUE TO BROADCAST STORY

Yahoo Press release

PRESS RELEASE | Coronavirus is rapidly spreading, and the City of Austin has taken charge to defend its community. Austin's Building Services Department has implemented a game changing technology from R-Water, a local, woman-owned company. This technology enables Building Services to produce a powerful, hypoallergenic healthcare-grade disinfectant...CONTINUE TO FULL PRESS RELEASE

DFWhc Press release

DFWHC INTERLOCUTOR - WINTER 2020 | It all started out, like most changes do, with a problem that needed to be solved. The team at Christus Trinity Mother Francis Health System in Tyler, Texas was tired of the residues left behind by the bleach wipes they were using for disinfection and they were on a mission to find a solution...CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

hcft Press release

HEALTHCARE FACILITIES TODAY | Cuero Health has implemented a new, eco- friendly cleaning system that produces a nonhazardous, water-based, healthcare grade disinfectant and multi-surface cleaner without color, fragrance, and potentially toxic additives...CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Riv rep Press release

THE RIVARD REPORT | Upon meeting her, it didn’t take long for Rayne Guest, founder and CEO of the San Marcos-based small business R-Water, to dive into the negative effects of toxic...CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Texas MD Press release

TEXAS MD MONTHLY | The question – “Is your child allergic to school?” – may sound reminiscent of a dog eating someone’s homework, however the facts show “environmental allergies” are...CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Texas MD Press release

TX MD MONTHLY | The CDCs mission is to prevent infectious disease. OSHA lists exposure to hazardous chemicals, exposure to pathogens, and risk of slips and falls as healthcare hazards... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Contact Critical Press release

When common infections become untreatable with antibiotics, prevention of transmission will be of even greater importance... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Easter Seal's Press release

PRESS RELEASE | Easter Seals’ core purpose is to promote independence and create opportunities for people with disabilities to pursue their hopes and dreams... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE


MICROCHEM LABORATORIES | Scientists from Microchem Laboratories - an EPA approved testing laboratory - summarize current information surrounding superbugs in the United States... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE

Tx Hospitals Press release

TEXAS HOSPITALS MAGAZINE | Superior efficacy against pathogens is just one of the many benefits of R-Water's advanced cleaning and disinfecting technology... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE


HOUSTON MEDICAL TIMES | R-Water is a small business based in San Marcos, TX that specializes in environmentally-friendly disinfectants. Their mission is to reduce preventable infectious diseases... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE


MICROCHEM LABORATORIES | TK60 disinfectant has a dwell time of only 60 seconds, a very competitive contact time compared to traditional disinfectants, which often have contact times ranging from 3-10 minutes... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE


PRESS RELEASE - GREATER SAN MARCOS PARTNERSHIP | In July of 2012, while Guest was still located in Los Angeles, she was on a Southwest Airlines flight to Houston and sat next to former Texas Governor Mark White and his wife Linda. During their conversation...The former Governor said, “Young lady, you belong in Texas”... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE


SAN MARCOS CORRIDOR NEWS | Recently, we have discovered one particular resident of San Marcos, whose company, R-Water, brings serious brains to the effort of protecting the beauty of our community and – with any luck – the rest of the world... CONTINUE TO FULL ARTICLE