There’s a new trend in hospitality. Guests are requesting wellness rooms and they’re willing to pay more for them. Part of this trend is cleaning and disinfecting rooms with hypo-allergenic, sustainable products. Not only will your guests breathe easier with R-Water’s fragrance free products, they’ll appreciate that your trusted brand is using a hospital grade disinfectant that ensures their room is germ free and an all purpose green cleaner that keeps their home away from home looking fresh and new stay after stay.

Actual Customer Footage


"At first, the ladies didn’t believe that a product without fragrance or bubbles would work. Now they can’t stop talking about how well the solutions work." 
- Head of Housekeeping -

"My boss says I’m a rock star for coming up with innovative ways to get things done. R-Water technology works better and faster than anything we’ve ever used before."
"TK60 kills germs 10 times faster and isn’t hazardous. We need to keep our clients and our employees safe and we believe the R-Water system is the best way to accomplish that goal."
"Our staff no longer complain that their eyes, noses, and throats burn when they clean."
"When we started using R-Water, my allergies went away."