When customers enter your establishment, they should be met with bright surfaces, clean floors, and the aroma of your recipes, not the unnatural odors in cleaning chemicals. R-Water’s fragrance-free, cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly, harmless to your workers, reduce labor steps, sanitize faster, and easily cut through tough grease. Did we mention our solutions help prevent fruit flies and clogged drains? Food service is competitive. Elevate your customers’ dining experience while saving time and money.

Actual Customer Footage


"We are going to save 30% annually on chemical costs and we’ll be able to continue cleaning during open hours, since TK60 and FC+ don’t have any fragrances." 
- Manager -

"I’ve been in the restaurant business for over 20 years. I’ve never seen anything work as well as FC+."
"I can’t believe how well the FC+ breaks up the grease on the flooring. The tile feels so clean after, not greasy or slippery."
"We had issues with slow drains and fruit flies. Since we started cleaning the floors with FC+, the solution goes down the floor drain and has been helping keep it clear. The TK60 goes down the drain and gets rid of that funky smell as well as the fruit flies."
"I can’t believe how well FC+ works on grout and my workers love that there’s no strong chemical smell."