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A Message from Our Founder

In 2009, I witnessed what we all fear. A global, multi-billion dollar company shelved a technology that was positively impacting people’s lives and the environment, to protect their profits. It spurred me to find a new way to produce the technology. Persistence coupled with a talented team paid off with an even better one.

When you start from scratch, with only barricades in your sight, the only thing you have is your vision, a vision that you hope one day, others will see as well. Oct 12th, 2019 was one of these days. At an event in Dallas, I was approached by one of my investor’s friends who said, "I hear you have a product that kills germs in hospitals a lot faster than what they currently use. Do you know why people are dying from infections?" I replied, "Yes, we do."

A dear friend of his, a 45-year-old, healthy woman, had recently gone into a local hospital for a simple ankle procedure, acquired a staph infection, and passed away 10 days later. We chatted for a while and after the event I received this message.

Hey Girl... 

I just wanted to say that it was my great pleasure to meet you today and I wanted to thank you for sharing your awesome ideas and adventure. 

R-Water is a winner. No matter what obstacles you may encounter. An idea or a product or a service that is truly something that humankind needs for improving life and health will eventually be embraced by The Powers Of The People. You've started the wave… just keep it going and the wave will become a tsunami! 

I can see it...! 

Anyway, I did enjoy talking with you and seeing the inspiration in your eyes. I love dreamers, because dreams are what change the WORLD. 

Looking forward to seeing you again soon and to visit. I hope I can Join The Wave! RJ


A tsunami is defined as a long sea wave and an arrival or occurrence of something in overwhelming quantities or amounts. RJ is right. As more and more people understand the magnitude of R-Water’s mission and the benefits of the technology, they will join the wave. The wave will become a tsunami and the Power of the People will have the momentum and strength to wipe out the businesses that intentionally impede human and environment health.

Positive change begins with you. Let’s ride the wave and build a tsunami.

Rayne Guest

Founder & CEO, R-Water, LLC