The TC-RU is a wall-mount system that produces two powerful nontoxic solutions; a one-step healthcare-grade disinfectant that quickly eliminates harmful pathogens and an industrial strength multi-surface cleaner. These solutions, TK60 and FC+ replace a variety of harsh cleaning chemicals. The TC-RU requires only electricity, softened water, and a small amount of salt to conveniently produce solutions on-site to meet your needs for less than one penny per gallon.


On-Demand Storage
Two built-in holding tanks, and optional add-on tanks ensure that your staff has the solutions they need when they need them

Smart Display
Smart Display gives you real time status updates to accurately monitor important data

High Flow Dispensers
High flow dispensers fill bottles and buckets at 6 gallons per minute

Salt Refill Port
Easy port access plus convenient pellets makes refilling vital salt a simple process

Plug and Play, Wall-Mount System
System requires only soft water intake, drain, and electric hook-up to begin producing solutions

How Does the TC-RU Benefit Your Facility?

Streamline Your Process
TC-RU solutions replace multiple traditional chemicals and can be dispensed into a variety of cleaning equipment at your desired concentrations. No more invoicing, receiving, mixing, and diluting.

Brand Protection
TK60 is a one-step healthcare-grade disinfectant achieving total kill in less than one minute, 1/10th the time of traditional disinfectants. TK60 complies with OSHA guidelines for use against bloodborne pathogens.

Save Time and Money
Eliminate the need to purchase, transport, and store multiple chemicals. No extra rinse required to remove chemical residue. Simplify employee training.

Health and Safety
The TC-RU is tested according to CSA and UL safety requirements and certified by the NRTL, TUV. The nontoxic solutions have no added perfumes, dyes, or harmful ingredients prone to irritating eyes or skin.

Customer Support
R-Water® offers personalized support through a large, established distributor network.

Engineered to Work As Hard As You Do

The TC-RU produces two nontoxic solutions for cleaning and disinfecting. The solutions are free of chemicals, fragrance, and dyes, do not require extra steps for use, and are dispensed ready to use (RTU).

The Disinfectant

TK60 is a one-step healthcare-grade disinfectant which surpassed EPA testing by yielding 100% kill in 60 seconds. The solution is safe for disinfecting all types of surfaces and does not require rinsing after use.

The All-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser

FC+ is highly effective in removing dirt and grease from surfaces. The solution leaves surfaces clean and residue-free without requiring extra rinsing after use. FC+ can be used on a variety of surfaces including floors and carpets to help reduce incidents of slips and falls.


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