Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is the goal of R-Water?

    To save lives and reduce illness by eliminating harmful pathogens using trusted solutions. Reduce the labor required to get a superior cleaning job done. Reduce the risk of slips and falls. The harsh chemicals we traditionally use cause a wide range of negative health issues and have a negative environmental impact. Using R-Water trusted solutions improve health and safety for janitorial staff, employees, and facility guests.

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    Once I have the equipment, how much will it cost me to produce the solutions?

    One gallon of solution, (including water softening) costs less than $0.007 to produce. Most properties will see ROI one month after beginning the leasing program.

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    How does it work?

    Softened tap water and salt pellets create a brine solution that is recirculated through our titanium coated electrolysis cell until computer programmed concentrations are reached. Our patented 'closed loop' process allows us to recirculate solutions through our cell, giving us precise control in solution production.

    1. On one side, sodium combines with water to form sodium hydroxide. Historically used in the production of “a bar of soap,” sodium hydroxide is an effective degreaser, detergent, and cleaner. When produces at less than 2000ppm, it is mild enough to not be considered an irritant.
    2. On the other side chloride combines with water to create hypochlorous acid, the same highly effective antimicrobial solution our white blood cells use to fight invading pathogens.

    Once the 'batch' solutions reach the desired concentrations, they are transferred to internal holding tanks for convenient dispensing.

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    Is R-Water Equipment safe?

    R-Water equipment has been tested and approved by National Recognized Testing Laboratories.

    R-Water solutions have been EPA tested and approved and are written in FDA code.

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    What happens if I mix the disinfectant and degreaser together?

    It is not harmful to mix the solutions, however mixing the solutions will cause them to neutralize. We recommend you use one solution at a time on any given surface.

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    What kind of salt can I use in your machine?

    The salt must be 99.99% pure NaCl and is available through many distributors. It costs about $10 for 50 pounds.

    Please contact us, and we can recommend a place for you to purchase it.

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    What happens if my machine runs out of salt?

    If your machine runs out of salt you will no longer be making the two solutions. R-Water equipment has been designed to detect low salt. When the salt runs out, the machine is designed to go into idle mode and display a no salt message. If you can see salt in the salt fill port, the machine has enough salt.

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    What are the Benefits of using R-Water Technology? What's my Customer Value Proposition?

    Brand Protection
    TK60 Hospital Grade Disinfectant has a contact time of less than one minute vs the industry standard 10 minutes ensuring safety against harmful pathogens in 1/10th the time.

    FC+, when used properly to clean and degrease floors, prevents the risk of slip & falls.

    Simplifying Operations
    The solutions produced by the TC-RU replace multiple products and can be dispensed into spray bottles, mop buckets and various equipment such as auto-scrubbers and carpet cleaners. TK60 and FC+ do not need to be rinsed from surfaces, eliminating a step in the traditional cleaning process while saving precious water.

    Reduced Labor Costs
    No Mixing, No Diluting, Less Contact Time = Less Training, Saving Valuable Time and Money

    Employee Health and Safety
    R-Water trusted Cleaning Solutions have no added perfumes, dyes, or harmful ingredients.

    Reduce Cost
    No need to buy, store, and transport your chemicals. The cost of electricity, salt and water to produce our solutions on site is less then 1 penny per/gallon.

    Reduce carbon footprint. No plastic containers with concentrated chemicals reaching our landfills.

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    My property is pursuing LEED certification. Will implement your equipment help me get points?

    Yes, by using R-Water solutions, you will:

    • Reduce carbon footprint
    • Improve in-door air quality
    • Improve quality of water going down drains
    • Reduce waste being thrown in landfills

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    How does TK60 compare to other disinfectants?

    Comparison of Commercial Disinfectant Products - R-Water TK60, Oxycide from Ecolab, and Virex II 256 from Diversey
    Learn more about both TK60 and FC+ solutions here.

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    Is electrolyzed water harmful to humans?

    No. While we do not recommend ingesting the solutions, according to Professor Hung at The University of Georgia, "Electrolyzed water is not hazardous to humans."

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    How does the solution affect wood?

    It will remove polishes but it doesn't hurt wood, finished or unfinished. If you are uncertain about any surface, we recommend spot testing in an inconspicuous location first.

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    Is it true seafood lasts longer if held in ice made from electrolyzed water?

    Yes. When tap water ice melts, it can infuse seafood with any variety of bacteria. Scientists in Japan and South Korea found that ice made from electrolyzed water significantly reduced pathogens, including Pseudomonas flourescens, Pseudomonas putida, E. Coli O157:H7, Vibrio vulnificus and Vibrio parahaemolyticus on Saury Oysters and shrimp.


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